Swordmaster's Youngest Son – Chapter 95: The Cosmos Arena (6)

Chapter 95: The Cosmos Arena (6)

Volume 4 Chapter 95 The Cosmos Arena (6)

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Fourno Five.

Seeing that they poorly concealed their presence, Jin knew they werent trained assassins. Additionally, their breaths were hoarse, which meant that they were very nervous.

They would still be able to deal with Dante, who was exhausted to death.

But they werent enough to take care of Jin.

I dont need to fight them in such a cramped space. I dont want to contaminate my living space with bloodstains.

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Jin intentionally stomped towards the cell door, and the assassins stopped in place. Before his enemies could exchange signals

This isnt Paul Micks room.


Jin shot out like a bullet towards the cell door and slashed the assassins near the hallway wall. He didnt want to send them back with only severed fingers or hands.

He had already done that on the first day to warn the rest of the attackers.

The next time someone came to his room, they would not be losing a body part, but their life.


Hearing the swing of a sword, the man behind the victim screamed instinctively.

As Jin predicted, there were a total of five enemies. And since one just died, they were now down to four. Amongst them, none saw how the first one died.

After his battles with Alisa, Jins swordsmanship improved significantly.

G-Get him!


His second strike exactly pierced the targets heart. The other three ran in simultaneously, but their movements were stiff due to nervousness.

Coating the blade with venom didnt matter if the sword didnt hit anything. Jin easily dodged each poison-gleaming blade and continued to attack.

W-We are not here to attack you!

I know. You came to kill Paul Mick. But since you came to my room, its the end for you.

Every time Bradamantes blade danced through air, blood flew and splattered. People in adjacent rooms stuck out their heads to watch the spectacle. However, they immediately returned to hiding, afraid that they would be associated with the fight.

As Jin tried to clean up the rest of the assassins, something shining at the edge of the hallway caught the corner of his eye.

He heard the pull of a bow string and soon realized that the glimmer came from the light hitting an arrowhead.

They even prepared a ranged attacker? Or maybe these guys were bait to begin with, and they planned to shoot Dante when he comes out?


He barely deflected the arrow. If he hadnt caught sight of the glimmer earlier, he wouldve gotten injured.


Subsequently, more arrows flew. It looked like they prepared at least ten archers.

However, Jin had expected this much, so he used a corpse as a meat shield.

Thud, thud-thud, thud!

As the arrows pierced through the corpse, Jin could see the arrowhead covered in yellow poison.

These bastards

At this point, he was furious.

Although they werent his mortal enemies, he really wanted to know why they were going so far to get rid of some kids.

I know that this contest is all about dirty, underhanded tricks, but this is too much. And these guys are too organized despite being average contenders.

He threw the corpse away and ran towards the archers, jumping from wall to wall.

He planned on leaving one alive for questioning. With what intention did they attack? And who ordered them to do this?

Just as the first five had poor swordsmanship, the archers didnt have great aim.

Things would have been different if Jin moved in a straight line, but instead, his sporadic movements prevented them from hitting him.

I need to wrap it up ASAP. Someone might attack Dante while Im not in my room.

As he quickly closed the gap, his sword began to glow.

Some of them began to run away, and Jin let them.

He personally wanted to chase and execute them, but Dantes safety was his priority. Jin could kill them anytime, but getting the Hairan Clans prospective successor indebted to him was a rare opportunity.

Slash! Slice!

Heads fell to the ground. He didnt even need ten seconds to kill three of the four who didnt escape.

S-Save me.

Shut up.


Instead of attacking with his sword, Jin threw his fist at the last archer, rendering him unconscious. Soon after, he dragged his newly acquired hostage back to his room.

The spectators who watched from their rooms didnt even make a sound.

Phew. Hey. Wake up.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

As soon as he returned to his room, Jin slapped the hostage awake. Meanwhile, Dante was still fast asleep.

Euk! Erk!

Alright, starting now, Im going to ask you something, and youll have to answer every time. If you answer to my satisfaction, I will send you back. If not, Ill send you to the sky. And if you dont answer within three seconds, youll also go to the sky. Understood?

He nodded.

First, who are you guys?

P-Pirates. I-Ill explain more! Please lower your sword. Were One-Eyed Joes underlings. Hes the winner of last years arena rumble.

Second, why are you going after Paul Mick? In such an organized way too.

Captain Joe said that Paul Mick was an important figure in a big clan, so he told us to capture him.

Did he say which clan?

He said that it was probably R-Runcandel

Jin instinctively grinned.

You do this ** despite thinking that hes a Runcandel? Well, they say that ignorance is courage when combined with confidence.

Why are your arrowheads poisoned, then? He asked for a hostage, not a corpse.

We have an antidote.

Then, third. Where is Joe? Is he also in the arena?

No, he came as a spectator this year, and he only ordered us to capture Paul Mick.

Dante entered this competition in Jins past life as well.

And that time, he became these guys hostage. The Hairan Clan were able to retrieve Dante after giving them an inconceivable amount of money and solemnly swearing that they wouldnt take revenge.

Like a butterfly effect, the Hairan Clan faced internal failure and many consequences.

Jin didnt know much about the backstory of the clans internal failures due to its secrecy, but he knew that he had just changed history just by saving Dante.

Hm Just as this guy said, Dante was kidnapped last time. Then these pirate **ers held him hostage and took a big bite out of the Hairans.

Even if they were a renowned clan, if an important figure were to get caught, the clan could only be dragged along. Especially when the hostage was their next patriarch.

Of course, if it were the Runcandel Clan, they would just tell the pirates to kill the hostage and would proceed to slaughter the kidnappers, their families, acquaintances, and even unrelated individuals. Everyone would die

That was the Runcandel method. Strikingly different from other big clans.

Alright, perfect. I like it. Ill spare you.

Th-Thank you!

Instead, leave two fingers here.


Just as I said. Leave two fingers here. If not, leave your head here.

Losing ones fingers was better than getting beheaded.


Ultimately, the pirate trudged back to his room after blowing off some information and leaving some of his fingers in Jins room.

The young Runcandel sat back down and waited for Dante to wake up.

* * *

Reaper Scans

* * *

Dante woke up after seventeen hours, around dinner time.

And as soon as he awoke, Jin explained everything that happened since he passed out.

He went on about how much he did to keep Dantes ass alive, and how he captured one guy and found out about One-Eyed Joe as well as his gang of pirate gangsters.

So they mistook me for a Runcandel and tried to capture me That One-Eyed Joe guy is definitely crazy. I find all of this absurdlaughable. A Runcandel? Absurd!

He let out a deep laugh and shook his head. Seeing Jins soulless eyes, Dante continued.

Ah, since you are my savior, I must explain. As they suspected, I am a noble. Although Im not a Runcandel Im a little embarrassed to tell you my clans name. Will you understand if I just say that Im a noble from the Vermont Empire?

Dante thought that Jins attitude would change if he revealed that he was a Hairan.

While traveling with an alias, whenever his status got revealed, he had often seen his friends suddenly act like servants.

Noticing Dantes intention, Jin cleared his throat and contained his laughter.

Well, I dont need to tell him that Im Jin Runcandel. Hell find out soon enough. And Beradins fat mouth will blabber about it anyway.

Jin nodded.

Ehem! I understand. Everyone has that moment when they want to conceal themselves.

I appreciate it. Anyways, Im very thankful that I came to you. If I kept fighting them, I wouldnt be able to fend them off for so long I dont know how to repay this debt.

Saying this, Dantes eyes were filled with genuine gratitude.

You probably do not understand the great feat you have accomplished A knight like you doesnt seem to want capital. I cannot express my gratitude with one great sword or anything material!

No, its not much.

Inside, Jin felt good. He certainly knew that he successfully planted indebtedness inside Dante.

Yes, yes. I dont need a sword or money. I like the guilty, indebted heart that you have towards me.

Dante concluded his thoughts and turned towards Jin.

The best way is to offer my life to you. From now on, whenever you are in danger, whenever you need me, I will fight by your side with my life. I swear by my name.

Hmm, do whatever you want. Anyways, as we promised, Im gonna sleep, so just protect me well. Wake me up when group 13 starts.

Understood! Ah, and me protecting you right now is unrelated to my solemn swear.

Yeah, yeah.


Jin instantly fell asleep just like Dante did in the morning.

And as he stared at Jin who slept soundly, Dante thought to himself.

Now that I think about it, I dont even know this guys name. I hope we meet in the finals Whatever the result, there is much to tell my parents.

Chapter end

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