Swordmaster's Youngest Son – Chapter 80: Each Other’s Business

Chapter 80: Each Other’s Business

The island where they fought completely disappeared after the destructive onslaught from Meteor Shower, Minds Blade: Blood Moon, and the explosion from the shattering of the Demon Gods Orb. It was enough destructive power to completely annihilate the island from existence.

The Vermont Empire realized this case and dispatched an investigation team. In the nearby seas, the naval security witnessed the great explosions and alerted the mainland.

The dispatched investigation team were the Imperial Magicians and Vermont Special Forces 3rd Division.

They could only be shocked at the devastated scenery.

The obliterated island was one thing, but the eerie mana continued to whirlpool into nothingness. It was the main reason as to why they couldnt approach the remnants of the island.

What the hell happened here?

And the Special Forces soldiers who were tracking down Quikantel and Enya felt their hearts sink.

They knew that the destruction before them was definitely related to the whereabouts of the contractor and her dragon.

An Imperial Magicianwho was watching the sceneapproached the Special Forces.

Division Leader Wratch, it seems that Silver Dragon Quikantel had a battle here. The silver dragons mana and the wind dragons mana can be detected here.

The wind dragon Are you sure?

Yes. I think its the Zipfels Vyuretta. He was the only wind dragon who came near this area. And I can detect a humans mana but I cant determine whose it is.

Wratch placed his hand on his forehead.

Why did they fight? No answers immediately came to mind.

The humans mana is highly likely to be from Oltas contractor, Enya. Maybe its related to the thing that the Zipfels are making? Shit, I should have kept more eyes on the log cabin!

The thing he referred to was the Demon Gods Orb.

Currently, there werent many in the Vermont Empire who knew about the orb. The only ones who knew of its existence were the emperor, the Special Forces Division Leaders, and some imperial ministers.

However, none of them exactly knew its abilities and functions, nor did they know the items name.

They only had knowledge of the Zipfels making an artifact involving the contractors of gods.

Division Leader! The navy discovered parts of a dragons corpse on the opposite side of the island.

The discovered pieces of flesh and scales were stuck to some remnants of dead trees floating in the ocean.

Theyre certainly from the silver dragons wing and the wind dragons tail.

The imperial magician verified after looking at the remains.

Gather all of the remains in the ocean. Make sure you dont let it fall into that void!

In the following hours, the investigation team was able to recover many pieces of flesh, bones, and scales.

The imperial magicians concluded that both dragons died from the battle, and reporting such news to the emperor was Wratchs job.

Indeed, just like you said, this may be related to the artifact that they are making. Does that mean you didnt identify what caused the whirlpool that superseded the island?

Yes, Your Imperial Majesty.

There seems to be many uncertainties within your reports. And you didnt even identify Quikantels guests.

My apologies, Your Imperial Majesty.

Well, you probably didnt do it on purpose. If you are not able to find them, then they must be extraordinary people. Still, I believe that you can track them in the end.

Wratch lowered his head.

Anyway In our perspective, we should be praying that both dragons are dead. Else, theyd see it as a threat. First, lets wait for the Zipfel Clans official declaration.

What shall we tell our press?

Tell them to cover it up for now. If Enya isnt found until tonight, then declare her as missing. Quikantel probably just died with her. The nobles at the academy would be delighted.

After Wratch left, the emperor sat alone in the office and thought to himself.

I should dispatch more of the Special Forces near the Zipfel Clan. Too many things happened while I wasnt paying attention.

* * *

At the topmost floor of the Zipfel Clans Tower of Magicians, a man looking into a crystal ball spoke.

Andrei is dead.

The man was Kelliark Zipfel, the Zipfel Clans current patriarch.

Although Andrei was his younger brother, finding out that the second-in-command had died didnt really affect him.

Unlike the worlds perception of his appearance, he had the face of a young adult. Anyone who didnt know what Kelliark looked like back in his youth wouldnt be able to immediately identify him on the streets.

[What? Your brother died? What do you mean? That crystal ball You cant see anything inside it. Its just for decoration. Is that supposed to be another unfunny joke, Kelliark?]

The only being who could talk to Kelliark Zipfel this comfortably was Fire Dragon Kadunone of the God of Flames Sheenus dragons and Kelliarks guardian dragon. He was slowly cooking a meat skewer using the breath coming out of his snout.

No, not through the crystal, you idiot. I can feel it. My younger brother just died. Im not kidding.

Kadun stopped turning his skewer.

[Hm so you say its true. Maybe he lost to Quikantel? Didnt he take the Demon Gods Orb with him? He also had Vyuretta. Ah, since Andrei died, then did Vyuretta perish as well? Either way, Quikantel should have been an easy opponent if he had the orbs power by his side.]

No idea. Perhaps the silver dragon was stronger than we thought, or a third party helped them.

[Quikantel? That bitch is strong, but not enough to fight both of them. Shes definitely not enough against the orb!]


Kadun chewed off a bite of the skewer. Kelliark looked at him and gently grinned.

If thats so, then it means that there was a third party. Who do you think it is?

[How the ** would I know? Dumbass.]

Kelliark frowned at the dragons words.

[Its probably a dragon! Last time, didnt Kinzelo say that a dragon controlling the shadows killed the cemetery giants? Then it could be Misha. Very likely.]

By Misha do you mean Black Dragon Murakans sister?

[Yeah, her. That bitch wouldnt feel fear from the orbs power. She may not be as strong as Murakan in his prime, but shes still super strong.]

Your duty has been determined, Kadun.

[To go find Misha? I guess I do all the dirty work. Ill try to find her, but dont expect anything from me. If a black dragon tries their best to hide, even the God of Searching wouldnt be able to find them.]

Ill just trust you, Kadun. Either way, losing the orb is kind of a pain in the ass.

[Do you even give a single ** that your brother just died?]

Well, I knew that dumbass would die at some point. A while back, he just waltzed into Cyrons banquet without an ounce of fear, and I was pretty worked up. I didnt think hed take the orb with him to the grave, though.

[We gotta call the Fragmentor to make it again. Without that, we cant go for the Runcandels before Cyron dies. And the kings of the Black Sea]

I know. I know already. Man, this is all a mess. Just in case, I should go get rid of all evidence of the orb. I got more dirty work than you, Kadun.

[You should be doing that much. In order to become the God of the World, that is.]

* * *

In Bouvard Gastons Fragmented Workshop located in the Curano Dukedom, Vishukel sat down as he suppressed his hateful wrath and emotion.

Ah, welcome, Sir Vishukel! Good timing. I was craving those sweet potato croquettes of yours. Hehe No croquettes today?

Listen closely, Bouvard. I came after hearing from the traitors of the Vermont Imperial Family. It seems that the Zipfel Clan used the Demon Gods Orb behind our backs.

What? They did?

Yes. In the Vermont Empires ocean territory, a silver dragon and wind dragon had a big battle, and an island got annihilated. And because of the remaining mana, theres a whirlpool in the middle of the ocean that wouldnt disappear Its definitely caused by the orbs destruction.

Hearing this, Bouvard jumped up from his seat and shouted.

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Urrrrggghhh! That orb was my creation! Im sure I warned them not to use it in its incomplete state! Ill never forgive them if its true!

As Bouvard threw a tantrum, Vishukel grimaced.

The day to kill this dumbass hog strays further. He has to remake the orb.

The Zipfels came up with the initial idea, but Bouvard took care of the orbs creation.

Thus, the orbs ownership was equally shared between the Zipfel Clan and Kinzelo group.

Even our leader is furious. Since our alliance with the Zipfels could shatter at any moment, dont communicate with them for the time being.

* * *

Two days later.

Young Master Jin, welcome back!

Jin and his companions arrived at Kashimirs mansion in Tikan. Kashimir and the agents of the Seven-Colored Peacock came out to the courtyard to greet them. And Gillywho was awaiting their arrivalfrantically ran to them.

Young Master! Are you alright?

Strawberry Pie. Haha, Im okay.

Gilly had heard about Enyas plight, and never slept one bit as she worried about Jin. She turned her head towards Luna, and immediately bowed.

Its alright, Gilly. I heard on the way here, but the youngest seems to love you a lot. Please continue to take care of him.

Luna? Wait The White Whale, Lady Luna Runcandel?

Ah, you must be Sir Kashimir. Greetings. I am Luna Runcandel.

I cant believe that Lady Luna would come to my residence. It is my honor to serve you. Please, come in. You have all done well.

As they entered the mansion, Kashimir spoke before Jin could open his mouth.

Young Master Jin, I must tell you something first. Earlier today, about three hours ago, my daughters guardian dragon returned.

Jins eyes widened.

Lathry returned?

Yes, but theres something weird. It seems like Lathry has a gap in their memory for the time they went missing. For now, Lathry is beside my daughter, but it seems like they couldnt understand the situation themself. Maybe it wasnt a kidnapping?

It definitely was. Quikantel got a confession directly from Vyuretta.

A thought suddenly came to Jin.

Maybe the Zipfels are concerned about other clans discovering the existence of the orb, so theyre getting rid of all evidence regarding the situation. Then, its likely that they would purposefully erase Lathrys memories to protect its secrecy.

With this in mind, Jin explained the events at the island, and Kashimir nodded as he listened.

Those are some extreme situations I feel bad that I forced you into such circumstances while I powerlessly remained in Tikan. An artifact that swallows contractors whole What the hell is happening in the Zipfel Clan?

Theres only one reason to make a replica of the Orb of Origin, twerp.

Murakan opened his mouth. Jin, Quikantel, and Luna nodded.

On the way to Tikan, they had heard more about the Orb of Origin.

Theyre trying to become a god in order to rule the world Well, I dont know if things will go how they want it to, though.

Chapter end

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