Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 81: Charisma and Leadership

Chapter 81: Charisma and Leadership

"Although we can be 'friends' in private, now you should call me Kagami, Sensei." Kagami said with a gentle smile, and there was a hint of teasing in his tone.

Because the war had not ended, only the sixth and third classes of the ninja school, which were led by Tsunade and Haru, were led by Jonin. The rest were all at Gennin level.

Don't shout about unfairness, there is no absolute fairness in this world.

Some people had powerful Kekkei Genkai in their first move and had top-notch cultivation talent. They could become Jonin and Kage-level in just a few moves.

Some people had ordinary talent and spent hundreds of times more effort but still couldn't catch up with the backs of those geniuses. Was this fair?

It was the best way to allocate the limited resources to talents.

To put it bluntly, even if you let Hashirama resurrect and teach them personally, the best result would be to bring out three ordinary Jonin.

And if the same resources and time were given to Haru, Tsunade, these talented people, he would give you a miracle!

Anyone would know what to choose.

Otherwise, with Tobirama's character, if Haru and Tsunade were ordinary children, he, obviously, would not do this.

As for why Haru and Tsunade were separated, Tobirama also had his own considerations.

Because he found that in the process of growing up, Tsunade was too dependent on Haru.

This was not good, and it would make Tsunade lose her independence.

On the contrary, after separating, Tsunade could try to make new friends, and try to become stronger after encountering setbacks!

It was not that no matter what happened, she would cry and call for her brother(uncle).

In order to match suitable companions for Haru and Tsunade, Tobirama spent a lot of effort and finally picked out these children who were worth nurturing.

As for why it wasn't Hyuga Tokugawa and the others...

Wouldn't it be great if he brought his little brother to do a mission

In fact, even the two leading Sensei were the results of Tobirama's contemplation.

Sarutobi, Hiruzen, was mature and honest. He was tolerant and could tolerate the strange temper of Tsunade and the others.

Uchiha Kagami was rational and calm. He was good at thinking and responsible. He would not let Haru and the others walk the wrong path. Moreover, he knew Haru's physical condition very well. He could teach Sharingan related secrets. It was really suitable.

Haru did not know the specific journey of Tobirama's heart, but he knew that he was 'superficial'.

Was this a relationship?

Love, love!

After doing a self-introduction as usual, Kagami did not give a long speech like Sarutobi and Hiruzen, nor was he in a hurry to do any tasks. Instead, he took his three new disciples to dinner.

Since they were going to act together in this way in the future, it was more important to get familiar with each other and establish trust.

Through his previous observation, Kagami was sure that Haru and Sakumo were very close, and he did not need to worry about them.

Only Kato Dan seemed to be very reserved, somewhat unable to blend in.

Moreover, in this class, Kato Dan should also be the most unconfidentperson, needing him to properly enlighten him.

With this in mind, Kagami did not realize that he had already been brought into a barbecue shop by Haru

"Uncle Roku, this young master has come to visit your business again. Hurry up and run out to receive the guests!"

As soon as he entered the door, Haru greeted him loudly.

When Uncle Roku, who was still in the kitchen, heard this voice, the fat on his face immediately trembled. He, who was cutting the meat, cut off his fingers. He was so scared that his face turned pale.

"I was wondering why my right eyelid was twitching today. You little rascal, you came to Uncle Roku again to ask for the autumn wind, right?"

"Let me tell you,

Don't try to fool me with any free coupons today. Even if the patriarch himself comes, it will not be good!"

Uncle Roku ran out in a hurry, holding a heavy meat knife in his hand, apparently too excited to put it down.

Kagami and Sakumo, who knew what Haru had done in the past, looked very calm, as if they had long been used to it.

But for the first time encountering this situation, Kato Dan was really shocked!

In particular, the other party was holding a weapon with a fierce look on his face, as if he was going to kill someone. Wasn't this a black shop? Geett the ltest vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

Looking at Uncle Roku's anxious and angry appearance, Haru was not afraid. He boldly pointed at Kagami who said that he wanted to treat, and said, "Did you see that? This is the rich man who is in charge of paying the bill today. Hurry up and show your skills, pick up the expensive ones!"

"In short, the opportunity to 'take revenge' is given to you. It depends on whether you can catch it."

When Uncle Roku heard this, he immediately cast a questioning gaze at Kagami.

Kagami did not know whether to laugh or cry. He could only nod his head, "Don't worry. I brought over a hundred thousand taels. Of course will be able to pay the bill."

After hearing what Kagami said, Uncle Roku's expression eased up. He looked at Haru again and said, "Alright, at least you have a conscience. This sucker Uncle Roku will definitely be killed today. All of you, prepare to support the wall and leave."

After saying that, Uncle Roku turned around and left in a hurry.

Kagami, who was called a sucker in front of him, was not angry, but a little helpless.

"Look at how you tricked the Akamichi clan in the past few years. In the end, I have to take the blame for you." Although he said this, he looked at Kagami's expression without any unhappiness.

If Haru wanted it, as long as it was something he had, he would give it to him!

Just a little bit of money was nothing. Just casually doing an A -level mission was enough, and there was still a lot left.

Haru chuckled. Similarly, he was not embarrassed at all. He even said confidently, "It was not good in the past, and your identity is different now, and inviting the disciples to a meal will not be a waste, right? Kagami Sensei" he said.

Kagami smiled but did not say anything. On the contrary, he felt gratified because of Haru's' trust '.

This was the same principle as Zhou Yu hitting Huang Gai. One was willing to beat one, and one was willing to take it. There was nothing to be stupid about.

Then, Haru looked at the somewhat uneasy Kato Dan and said, "Actually, you don't have to be afraid. Uncle Roku is a good person. In the past, when we came to eat barbecue, we didn't spend any money. However, I always feel that Uncle Roku seems to have lost a lot of weight. I don't know if it is because he knows how to take care of his life and began to lose weight. Let me tell you..."

Kato Dan's face was full of astonishment. Just that 'meat mountain' just now, you told me you lost weight?

Then how fat must he be!

Ah, right, if he was from the Akamichi clan, then it would be fine.

With the soul of a modern person, if Haru wanted to liven up the atmosphere, it would be quite easy to reduce the pressure on Kato Dan.

The self-boasting that was added with a lot of private materials immediately made Kato Dan, who was listening to it, less restrained. After all, they were classmates for three years. Even if they were not in the same social circle, they would not be like strangers.

What's more, Kato Dan himself was not very introverted, but was full of justice.

Thus, after a flurry of chatter, Kato Dan also began to try to join the conversation topic.

Seeing this scene, Kagami once again revealed a gratified smile. Sure enough, there were people who were born with great personality charm and leadership.

There was no need for him to worry about the problem with Kato Dan.

Chapter end

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