Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 72: Drink More Hot Water

Chapter 72: Drink More Hot Water

Haru withdrew his gaze with great sorrow. His back was very dispirited.

Could it be that he was going to live forever in the encirclement of a group of lapdogs?

Could it be that connections were not worthy of living the lives of ordinary people?

Who could understand the pain of connections?


Forget it, forget it.

If the damned heavens wanted to punish him, let him live a rich life of food and clothing, embrace him from left to right, and have all the stars surrounding the moon, then he could only silently endure all of this.

It was a pity that he had endured too much at such a young age, and he didn't know if he would suffer from depression due to too much pressure in the future. ll new stries at n0ve/lbi/(.)cm

Haru looked up at the sky at a 45-degree angle, quietly moving his feet without any expression, revealing his perfect profile.

Without any surprise, there was another burst of excited screams.

"Sigh, it's really boring. If I weren't a useless person, I definitely wouldn't be the protagonist."

The corner of Sakumo's mouth twitched. 'I, Sakumo, am willing to call you the strongest!'

"Don't worry this time. Keep things first. If... if there is anything wrong, you can return them to me."

Haru pointed to the sky and swore that he did not want to verify if this thing would work in the hands of others.

Sakumo hesitated for a moment, but finally nodded and tied the white Ninja Headband to his arm.

The main thing was that since the other party had said so, he could not refuse anymore.

If it really did not work, he would return it to him after a while.

However, when Sakumo tied the white ninja Headband to his arm, he suddenly had a very strange idea.

'Haru is so friendly to me, and his strength is so strong. Why don't I bring my talent to him?'

Sakumo was shocked by the idea that suddenly popped up in his heart. But he couldn't help but imagine the scene of the two of them working together to kill the enemy after graduation to protect Konoha.

That scene was too beautiful... so beautiful that even Sakumo couldn't help but breathe heavily.

"Uh, what's wrong with you? Why is your face suddenly so red?"

Having his thoughts interrupted, Sakumo was immediately shocked and quickly threw out the unrealistic images in his mind.

As long as the geniuses of the Senju clan did not die young, they would definitely be big shots in the future.

On the other hand, he was only from a small clan, so no matter how one looked at it, it did not seem like they could be together, let alone team-up.

Unless he could become very strong, so strong that no one would dare to ignore his existence!

Sakumo who had his gaze avoiding him, said calmly, "Nothing, it's just that... I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable."


'Could it be that 'that' is here?'

Haru immediately became spirited, his gaze sweeping past Sakumo's arm, asking with concern: "Where are you uncomfortable? Can you describe what you feel? Do you feel any changes in your body?"

Having misunderstood that Haru was worried about him, Sakumo first felt warm in his heart, and then stammered because he was not good at lying, "But... maybe it's I have a bad stomach, and now it's all right..."

Haru responded with some disappointment. 'So it was a stomachache. Could it be that this broken thing really had no effect at all, just a simple accessory?'

Haru, who was a little absent-minded, casually said, "When your stomach hurts, remember to drink more hot water. You can't eat anything cold."

Sakumo was very touched. Haru was so concerned about his physical condition, but he lied to Haru because he did not dare to say his real thoughts. This undoubtedly made him very guilty.

"In fact, I..."


"Today's Actual Combat Lesson is over. Everyone can go now."

"Oh yeah! We can go home now!"

With a burst of noise, everyone was like a runaway wild donkey, running out happily.

"Huh? Actually what?"

The interrupted Sakumo was depressed: "It's nothing. Thank you for your advice. I will drink more hot water when I go back."

"Why, what is there to thank? Let's go."

In any case, no matter what kind of illness it was, it wouldn't be wrong to let people drink more hot water.

Haru left very naturally, but Sakumo, who stayed in place, was thinking about something and didn't move for a long time...


At the same time, a loud voice could be heard everywhere in Uchiha's station.

"Which bastard cleaned up the front yard! Can't you see that there is still a leaf there? Hurry up and clean it up!"

"Is the kitchen ready? There are 28 dishes in a while. If there is any problem, all of you should go to the toilet!"

"The red lanterns are hung up. It must be festive. Do you understand? A piece of burning is more useful than you!"

As the current clan leader of Uchiha, Uchiha and Tengu had always been suppressing him.

Due to the various reasons that they were unwilling to mention, their Uchiha clan was in an extremely awkward situation with Konoha.

Although Kagami's rise had given them a different path, not all the clansmen could accept this result.

After all, Konoha had only been established for more than ten years. Whether the clan was more important or the village was more important, everyone believed that there was a balance in their hearts.

But now it was different. Haru's appearance made Uchiha Tengu see things 'better'.

Although this child followed Senju's surname, the bloodline of his Uchiha clan could not be faked.

With the help of their Uchiha clan and Senju clan, as long as this child honored his talent and did not die prematurely, wouldn't it be a certainty that he would become Hokage?

He did not believe that Tobirama would hand over Hokage's position to an outsider, not his extremely outstanding son in all aspects.

Then the problem was after Senju Haru took the position, would Uchiha's family still be suppressed?

Therefore, for the sake of Uchiha's future, he had to let this child, Haru, feel the warmth of home here!

At this moment, if anyone dared to drop the chain, he would dare to strangle the other party to death with the chain!

"All of you, move! Check again!"

Uchiha Tengu's loud voice rang out once again.

When all the procedures were confirmed over and over again, not a single leaf could be seen in Uchiha's station, Kagami finally appeared in his field of vision with Haru who was neither fast nor slow.

"Quick, line up!"

"Your Highness Haru, welcome home ---"

20 young girls dressed in uniform stood on both sides, showing their most gentle smiles.

Haru suddenly stopped.

'Could it be that... Uchiha's family also started a club business??'

'This damned relationship identity, but I like it '

Chapter end

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