Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 59: Passive Skill

Chapter 59: Passive Skill

Of course, this kind of thing must not be known to Tsunade, or his glorious image might collapse overnight.

However, an existence that was even more troublesome than Tsunade come...

"You seem to be surprised to see me back?"

Tobirama still had that dead face, followed by Sarutobi Hiruzen, Shimura Danzo, and Uchiha Kagami, these three 'acquaintances'.

Haru nodded subconsciously because, at this time, Tobirama was 100% busy outside. No one really thought that it was a very idle thing to be Hokage, right?

Not to mention that Tobirama himself was a 'Ninjutsu inventor', 'Reform Vanguard'.

It was said that in order to strengthen the influence of the will of fire, someone suggested to carve the appearance of 'successive generations' Hokage on a cliff outside of Konoha to be admired by the later generations to remind everyone not to forget their original hearts.

In this regard, Haru seriously suspected that someone was flattering him just to get some money.

And the past Hokage...

Just say that it was the two brothers Tobirama, and it would be over!

Fortunately, Tobirama was not so thick-skinned, and he was not interested in this kind of thing at all.

With this manpower and material resources, they could just build another school.

It was very obvious that Tobirama was an honest person.

So, how could Tobirama come back so suddenly?

Tobirama had no intention of explaining. He only reminded them to "remember to finish your homework" and prepare to go in.

But at this time, Tobirama saw that Hyuga Tokugawa and the others were all flushed and trying to hide something nervously. He immediately raised his eyebrows and stopped.

Haru's heart immediately skipped a beat. He secretly cursed these few bastards for almost writing the words 'I have a guilty conscience' on their faces.

If Tobirama found out about this, wouldn't he be able to take advantage of this matter to teach him a lesson?

One had to know that Tobirama was still holding a grudge for the last thousand years!


"What are you hiding behind you?"

Although Tobirama had tried his best to soften his tone, he was still the Hokage, whom even the clan leader did not dare to be disrespectful to. Hyuga Tokugawa and the others were still children, so how could they not be afraid?

Thus, they took out all the things hidden behind them one by one.

Seeing this, Haru slapped his forehead weakly. Why did he take in such a group of pig teammates?

Sure enough, Tobirama casually took a book and flipped through it. He immediately frowned, "Who gave it to you?"

'Lord Hokage is so scary.....'

At this time, Haru knew that if he didn't show up, these pigs would be scared to death.

"Don't scare them. If you have anything to ask me, ask me."

Tobirama, who had already guessed that it would be like this, looked at him directly and waited for an explanation.

At this time, he did not know why. Maybe it was because the weather was too hot, Sarutobi Hiruzen was thirsty and kept wiping his sweat. If Lord Tobirama knew that these books were his treasures, he estimated that he would die the next day.

[*Author's Note: So this story teaches us that you should not secretly open some mysterious websites during work hours in the future.]

However, what Sarutobi Hiruzen did not expect was that Haru did not betray him, nor did he say where he got these books from. He just looked at Danzo, wanting to say something but hesitating.

Danzo, who was originally not related to his ability, was stunned.

Thus, the situation on the field became that Tobirama looked at Haru, and Haru looked at Danzo.

Danzo spat out a mouthful of blood and hurriedly explained, "It wasn't me. It had nothing to do with me."

After withdrawing his gaze, Haru was silent for a moment. Then, he bit his lips and said firmly, "Yes, it really wasn't Danzo. I picked up these books outside."

'Why does it sound weird?'

Danzo, whose mind was a little confused, subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.

Then he found that this time, it was not Haru who was staring at him, but everyone except Haru was staring at him with a complicated expression.

At this time, Danzo had not evolved into the old fox who was full of schemes and plots in the future, but the name of the pot shadow was already at the beginning of power, and it triggered the passive skill of the pot shadow, which was 100 automatically connected to the pot.

"Danzo, don't you have anything you want to say to me?" Tobirama said in a somewhat unfriendly tone.

Before Danzo could speak, Haru was very anxious. With a face full of loyalty, he said first, "I already said that this matter has nothing to do with Danzo. One person has to take responsibility for what he does!"

When everything was done, Haru even gave Danzo an extremely 'obscure' look, as if saying, "Don't worry, I definitely won't drag you down with me!" Visitt novlbin(.)c/m for the ltest updates

At this time, no matter how slow Danzo's reaction was, he could still tell that something was wrong. No, couldn't his words be so misunderstood?

'It was none of my business!'

'Why does it sound like there is a secret adult transaction between us?????'

Danzo was anxious, "No, this matter really has nothing to do with me!"

"Yes, it really is not Danzo. Believe me." Haru agreed with a look of approval.


"Are you sure these books are not yours?" Tobirama threw the book in his hand to Danzo expressionlessly.

Danzo hurriedly flipped through it a few times, and then his eyes suddenly lit up. "Lord Tobirama, I know who these books belong to."

'Hehe, Hiruzen, I seem to remember seeing this book in your house.'

Danzo was telling the truth. After seeing the contents of the book, he immediately suspected Hiruzen because among all the people Haru could contact, Hiruzen was the only one who was good at this!

Therefore, there was only one truth, and the criminal was...

Deng deng deng deng deng deng deng deng...

"That's right! That's right. These books were all given to me by him!"

At the critical moment, Haru jumped out to steal the limelight again. He pointed at Sarutobi with his tiny hand and said loudly.

After that, he even made an 'obscure' at Danzo, 'I understand what you mean. I did a good job, didn't I? Quick, praise me 'with a smug look.

Tobirama asked, "Didn't you just say that you picked it up outside?"

"Ah, I might have remembered it wrong, right, Danzo?"

'F*ck me...'

Danzo, who was originally confident of winning, now had a stiff expression. What else could he say? What else could he say?

Then, a scene that made him even more suspicious appeared.

Hiruzen was first shocked, then looked at him with pursed lips and silent. Then, under Haru's accusation, he nodded helplessly and said, "Yes, it's me. Lord Tobirama, please punish me. This matter has nothing to do with Danzo."


'All of them were f*cking dogs!'

Danzo, who had lost his mind, wanted to explode on the spot and perish together with everyone else!

(PS: Danzo: "If you don't want to give me any, go and take the blame for me!" )

Chapter end

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