Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 126: Covered Conspiracy

Chapter 126: Covered Conspiracy

Professor Lupin, who had been holding his head huddled, arose painfully and stood there alone and miserable.

His eyes wandered between all of them, to finally land on Harry again.

He seemed to be looking for a place to hide, but Ron took the opportunity to cast another spell. Professor Lupin howled measurably and avoided his attack.

What the hell are you doing, Ron?! Harry shouted angrily. Stop attacking. He is Professor Lupin. He is not dangerous!

Get away from this monster, Harry! Ron said, coldly. Hes a werewolf. Hell hurt everyone. Im saving you!

No, he wont. He is Professor Lupin. He is safe. Hurry

Harry wanted to stop him, but Ron didnt seem to be listening to him.

The light on his wands tip grew stronger and stronger, and without any sign of hesitation, he cast another spell.

Never had never seen Rons spells be so strong.

Is that really Ron? Everything is really abnormal today!

If Slytherin students were given an early warning and knew that Professor Lupin was a werewolf, why would Ron also appear here?!

This all looks just like a well scripted play that had been prepared well in advance; and all it needed was the audiences presence to give the show its cue.

Harry couldnt figure out what was going on, from Evan and Hermione being attacked by a werewolf in Hogsmeade, then Dumbledores departure, the owl rain in the Great Hall, and now Professor Lupin transforming to a werewolf, and Ron appearing in his office. All this was just too abnormal.

It was as if an invisible net was constructed by itself, which overwhelmed Harry. He could sniff the existence of a strong conspiracy.

He shook his head and tried to sober himself up. Regardless of what was hidden behind the scenes, he must first stop what was happening in front of him.

However, the scene gradually began to get out of control. Under Rons leadership, all Slytherin students began to cast spells on Professor Lupin.

Dozens of lights went his way at the same time. He was hit and flew away.

He crashed into the back wall and landed heavily on the ground, covered in blood. He shook his head and stood up again. The wounds recovered in the blink of an eye. Prof. Lupin raised his neck with a miserable, horrifying roar.

The whole office was a mess, and there were incantations, shouts, screams, cries in every direction.

Some were retreating, and others were moving forwards. More and more students were pulling out their wands to attack the werewolf.

Dont! Harry shouted, trying to stop them, but the scene was too chaotic.

He saw Ron attacking Professor Lupin again. He hurriedly waved his wand and shouted, Protego!

Harry stopped Rons spell and he wanted to protect Professor Lupin. But there were too many spells going Remuss way. His shield couldnt absorb them all. Not to mention the magic level of many senior students was much stronger than his, so the shield broke instantly.

Prof. Lupin moaned, waving his claws with anger and sending a terrible growl to the young wizards.

Stop the attack. Stop it. Hes not a werewolf. Hes Professor Lupin! Harry was powerlessly shouting.

As soon as stopped yelling, he saw a curse coming his way!

It was Malfoys. He was looking at him maliciously. He took this opportunity to attack him.

Just as the curse was about to hit Harry, the horrifying werewolf behind him jumped up and blocked the spell for him.

Harry knew that Professor Lupin was saving him, but in the others eyes, this picture looked more like that of a murderous werewolf rushing over to Harry.

You monster, get away from Harry!

Harry heard Ginnys cry, and he looked over Professor Lupins shoulders and saw Ginny shouting at him and Ron, her eyes reddened with tears.

At the sound of Ginnys voice, Prof. Lupin clearly shivered.

But when he saw the curse that was getting closer and closer to Harry, he resolutely rushed over and he wanted to protect him from being hurt.

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Lupin covered Harry with his body. Because of the terrible appearance of the werewolf, that was misunderstood by everyone.

Previously hesitant, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students who did not take action initially pulled out their wands and joined the battle.

Dont, Im okay. He is protecting me Harry shouted miserably.

Next to Lupin and Harry, Rons spell attacked once again, disregarding the fact that Harry was in Professor Lupins arms.

Or maybe, like Malfoy, he was targeting Harry.

Seeing the red light coming, Lupin hurriedly protected his students!

Rons spell flew past his friends cheeks, hitting Professor Lupin right in the head.

Lupin growled, his voice filled with pain, and blood ran down his forehead.

Although he turned into a werewolf, due to the Wolfsbane Potion, Lupin also kept his human mind. With the strength brought to him by his transformation, it was easy for him to counterattack.

But he cant do this; these children in front of him are his students.

Lupin did not know how the boy named Ron Weasley knew his identity as a werewolf. Ten minutes earlier, he suddenly rushed into his office and held his wand at him. He didnt say anything, just stood there and seemed to be scared.

Just as Lupin was ready to take action, footsteps came from outside the door. Ron, who had not acted, suddenly shouted for help, obviously he had done nothing.

More and more students came in and he hurried to hide under the table.

But this was useless. Lupin did not understand what was going on. Maybe he should leave the place first. He must have frightened this group of children.

Just as Lupin hesitated, another round of spells flew over.

As the students of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff also joined in the attack, this wave that over hundreds of curses.

Even with the mighty vitality and physique of the werewolf, he should not be able resist so many attacks. If hit by these spells, Lupin would die.

Looking at the approaching spells, Lupin wanted to hide. But he immediately gave up on that idea. If he turns away now, Harry who was in his arms would be hit by these spells. It was almost impossible to escape.

Maybe Im going to die here. My only regret is that I could personally catch Sirius Black for James, Lily, and Peter Pettigrew. Fortunately, I told Harry the truth this morning. This child is similar to his father, James. He will seize Black on my behalf.

Chapter end

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