Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 80 - Blood Omen

Chapter 80 - Blood Omen

Harry and Ron then rushed to Transfiguration class, and Ivan went to Charms Class.

Withing a few minutes, what happened in Divination had been spread throughout Hogwarts, and Ivan immediately paid for his bad jokes.

In the second year of Charms, no one except Colin and Ginny was willing to approach him.

Professor Flitwick explained the levitation spell on the podium, and the students ate the desks were absent-minded. Form time to time, some people cast sneaky eyes on Ivan. They all heard about Professor Trelawneys prophecy.

Of course, the Grimm in Harrys teacup was death, and if bad luck is contagious, then the next must be Ivan who also had an unexpalianed omen.

But then again?

All the young wizards took a sniff of air and tried to shrink their bodies back.

Ivan had never known before that wizards were so superstitious, they clearly have strong powers, but they are afraid of a black stray dog.

Ginny explained the ominous meaning to Ivan and Colin. She said he uncle had once seen one before and he died after 24 hours.

Seeing her face, it seems as if she is worried that Harry might fall at any moment.

When they arrived at the auditorium for lunch, Ivan saw Harry and Ron equally grieved, Hermione was filled with disdain.

Ron, please, you are scaring Colin and Ginny! Hermione pushed a saucer to him and turned to explain, McGonagall just told us in class about Omens of Death are Professor Trelawneys favorite way of welcoming new students, she predicts a students death every year, but the accuracy rate is zero.

You dont understand, Hermione! Ron muttered, scooping a handful of snacks onto his plate and slowly said, Harry and Ivan have seen one. Its really, really bad!

I dont see anything bad. If those people see omens, then they are scared to death. Then the omen is not a harbinger, but the cause of death! said Hermione with a sense of superiority, Think of Trelawneys other prediction, she told Ivan to be care with spiders!

Ron wrinkled his nose in uneasy, because what he feared most was spiders.

She was right, we really should be careful of spiders. I mean, Harrys omen in the teacup is clear. Ron said fiercely, Accept the truth Hermione! Professor Trelawney said that your aura is not right, and you just dont like what you can not do.

As soon as his voice fell, Hermione dropped on the table her Arithmetic book, an the action was so heavy that the minced meat and carrots went everywhere.

If Divinations is good, it means that I must pretend to see scorpions, spiders, or death in tea dregs. I havent learned this lesson yet! Compared to my arithmetic class, this class is completely rubbish!

Under the gaze of the others, she grabbed her bag and left the auditorium.

What is she talking about ? Ron smiled uneasily. Her arithmetic class hasnt started yet.

Hermione was just worrying about me and Harry. You didnt want us to see a dog and then die? Ivan said, stuffing the pie into his mouth.

Of course not, but . . . its really, really bad! Ron grimly replied.

His prediction seems to have been verified or that this is the second sign.

At four oclock in the afternoon, just outside of the History of Magic classroom, Ivan saw Hagrid hurrying past him with Malfoy. Malfoy had a deep, long gash in his arm, and the blood flowed out dripping onto the floor, and many Slytherin students followed.

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The second years who had just come out of the classrooms were all stunned. They opened their mouths in surprise and did not know what happened.

It was Harry who had the Omen of Death. Why would Malfoy be injured?

Things passed quickly afterwards, Malfoy was attacked by Hagrids hippogriff.

If you want to ask why there was a hippogriff in the class? That is because it was Hagrids first class of Care for Magical Creatures, and in order to leave a deep impression on everyone, he brought 12 hippogriffs to class.

Not surprisingly, this lesson ended in complete failure. Although he saw Madame Pomfrey cure Malfoy in only a minute, he still looked pale and said that his arm hurt and his mouth screamed something about telling his father to get Hagrid fired.

If not for too many people being around, Ivan would have given him a Silencing curse.

After about five minutes, Snape rushed in and he glanced at Ivan. Ivan then left the school hospital.

A moment later, Hagrid walked out from the inside with a look of defeat.

Im afraid this is a new record, Ivan! he said frustratingly. I think they havent seen it before. They just spent a day teaching. I crewed everything up. Professor Snape said I shouldnt have made my first class about Hippogriffs, and he said he would report this to Dumbledore and the School Board.

I dont blame you. I heard all about it. Its all Malfoy!

No, its because Im too aggressive. I should have spent some time to do Flobberworms or something else than taken out the Hippogriffs. I thought I could make the first lesson fun. Hagrid pulled out his hand to wipe his eyes.

Anyways, Im hear for you Hagrid! Ivan sighed. He didnt know how to comfort a person. If theres any trouble, come to me for help.

Thank you, I feel better. Hagrid said.

Then he walked out of the castle, wiping his tears away, and Ivan looked at him with worry.

He went to the Main Hall to eat dinner and returned to the common room. He never saw Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They didnt know what to do. He say absent-mindedly in front of the fire and discussed with Colin about Charms today.

After it got dark, the three of them hurried back.

They just went to see Hagrid . After the farewell with Ivan, Hagrid went back to his cabin and drank alot. When they arrived, he was drunk and lying on the ground. His cheeks still full of tears.

This is not the worst yet, Hagrid received a letter from the school board. It said that Lucius Malfoy officially filed a complaint with the board and the Ministry with this matter. It seems that is is convince to get Hagrid fired.

Chapter end

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